Teaching Practice

Here, I will post various documents and assets I have created (or stolen) to use in my own classroom. I may be persuaded to post instructions on how to best use these assets. Maybe.

Bell-ringer Blank
In my classroom, students write their bell-ringer (sponge activity, Anfangsactivität, etc.) on this blank. It is designed so that the top and bottom halves are identical when the document is cut along the heavy, horizontal line. The version linked below is in pdf format.

Bell-ringer blank

I also have a Microsoft Publisher 2016 version which WordPress (or possibly just my template) does not allow as a linked file format. If you would like to modify the bell-ringer blank for your class this is the better form to use. I will gladly email you a copy of the file if you request one. (Send request to mrussell.gab@gmail.com)

Usually, I have blanks at the door of my classroom for students to collect as they enter the room. At times (rarely), I will type in the bell-ringer exercise for my students. Each of my bell-ringers is uniquely named and students write the name at the top of the bell-ringer blank rather than copying the exercise (which is simply too time-consuming.)