Save Our Circle Nonsense

With work and personal issues consuming my time, I have been writing less than I prefer. What motivates me to write today is an article I read last night about a neo-Confederate group calling themselves “Save Our Circle” who want the monuments to Civil War traitors in New Orleans “preserved”.
A group of supporters of the Civil War monuments have set up a Facebook group and has been active on other websites, as well. There was a petition being circulated (now closed, nearly 6,000 supporters short of their goal of 35,000) asking Mayor Landrieu to “cease and desist all efforts” to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee and several other Civil War monuments in New Orleans. I’m quite certain that the Mayor has more courage than to succumb to the group’s asinine demands.
According to information on the group’s Facebook landing page, the Facebook group is administered by Missy Dearing Barnett, Bill McHann, and Jonathan Maki. Mr. Maki is a resident of New Orleans, and Mr. McHann is from, and currently, lives in Arkansas. No information about the city of residence of Ms. Barnett was located on her personal facebook page. Mr. McHann seems, from his facebook page, to be the more radical of the three. His facebook page is filled with photos of Confederate Flags and over-grown boys sporting camouflage and guns. He is very likely what I call a “right-wing nut-job”. It isn’t obvious from a cursory reading of the facebook profile of the other two group admins that they share Mr. McHann’s juvenile interests. I do not mean to say that all of the group’s members are racist, or that all members of the group are neo-Confederate. I saw that an old friend – a New Orleans native and unwilling member of the Crescent City diaspora, a woman who I know to be a decent and moral person – is a member of the group. Like all social movements, people join for all manner of reasons.
With the end of another school year at hand, I will have more time to write, and I will spend some of that time detailing the goings-on in New Orleans and the antic of the “Save Our Circle” group.

Author’s Note: I wonder if the creators of the “Save Our Circle” group mean to reveal their inner motivations by the name of the group? The word “Circle”, or it’s Greek variant, “Kyklos”, is widely reported to be the source of the name of the Ku Klux Klan.