Mathematics – Queen of the Sciences

I try to keep the fact that I am a mathematician under wraps. It doesn’t really impress many people, and I wind up having to answer the question, “Why?” Answering, “because Mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences” doesn’t quite mean what it did when Carl Freidrich Gauss first called it that so I refrain from saying it out loud. Sometimes, when I do give that answer, the conversation can get a bit dicey.

Most of the times, these days, I don’t even attempt an answer. If I say, for example, “because it’s so elegant”, which it certainly is, I’m likely to get funny looks. I usually just shrug my shoulders and grunt something unintelligible.

I’m not going to attempt to answer the question, “Why?”, directly in this blog, but by reading it, I hope you come away with the same appreciation that I have for the ‘Queen of the Sciences’.

Euro (nee Mark)